Accidents While Driving

In 2006, 29% of all deaths from car accidents involved handling drunk. While driving with a blood alcohol level in the blood above 0.08% is illegal throughout the country, many people continue to drive under the influence of alcohol. Ignorance is no excuse: comprehensive campaigns warning and announcements in public services have taken place since the 1980s, inviting drivers not to drink if they are driving. All management classes emphasize the importance of not drinking and driving.  Getting caught drinking and driving will cost you a lot of money in fines and fees, and require you to hire a DUI lawyer.

Alcohol slows reaction capability reduces inhibition, and the driver becomes sleepy. Behind the wheel of a vehicle, this combination can be fatal. Drivers driving under the influence literally have fallen asleep or passed out, losing control of their car.

Drunk drivers often have a very dismissive attitude toward traffic rules, carrying out dangerous crossings and turns, without check blind spots, and generally driving in an aggressive and risky manner. With the ability of delayed reaction, they are often unable to take defensive measures to avoid an accident. All police departments, personal injury lawyers in Florida, and authorities across the country agree: driving while intoxicated is incredibly dangerous.

Accidents drunk driving often cause serious injuries and deaths. People who drive drunk may collide with fixed objects after going off the road or can collide with other cars. Many driving accidents are drunk pedestrian-driver under the influence often do not have the reaction time to stop or turn to see a pedestrian crossing the street.

Perhaps the real tragedy of accidents caused by drunk driving is that they are entirely preventable. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to drive after drinking. Taxis, trucks and other forms of safe transportation are available throughout the country. You can check in at a hotel or stay at a friend’s house or a public place instead of being driving.

While in most cases, drivers are responsible for accidents drunk driving, some responsibility may lie elsewhere, too. Bars and restaurants have a responsibility to stop serving drinks to someone who is obviously intoxicated and some bars have been blamed for creating conditions that allow cases of driving while intoxicated.

For the families of the victims, a common frustration is that many people who cause accidents for driving while intoxicated have multiple charges or convictions for driving while intoxicated in their records. Most people driving drunk does not just once but regularly. This can be very difficult to understand for a grieving family. A personal injury lawyer and Maryland qualified can work with you to ensure that the driver with multiple convictions for driving while intoxicated is forced to take responsibility for their actions and forced to face the full penalty provided by law.