5 reasons why Arsenal will qualify for the Champions League quarter finals

1) Arsenal have a decent record against Italian opposition in recent years. The last time that we played against A.C Milan was in the 07/08 season, and we qualified for the last 8 by becoming the first English team to beat the Italians at the San Siro (with goals from Cesc Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor). This is even more impressive when you bear in mind that A.C. were the European Champions at the time.

Within the last 6 seasons we have also faced Roma and Juventus in the knockout rounds, neither of whom were able to knock us out of the competition.

2) AC Milan have been knocked out of the competition by English sides in 3 of the last 4 seasons and have a terrible record when they travel to England. Milan were knocked out by Arsenal in 07/08 (as noted above), Manchester United in 09/10 and Spurs last season. They have also failed to score in England on all three occasions. It was 0-0 at the Emirates, 4-0 at Old Trafford, and 0-0 and White Hart Lane.

3) The advantage of playing at home in the second leg cannot be underestimated. There is huge pressure on Milan to get a good result at the San Siro because they know that they are not as strong in England. If Arsenal can hold out for even a score draw, then we have a away goal advantage to take into the home leg. We have proved that Milan are beatable at the San Siro. We are very close to fielding a fill strength team, and we can do it again.

4) (following on from point 3) Arsène Wenger has said that the team will push for that vital away goal in Milan on Wednesday, which will set us up nicely for the second-leg at the Emirates in just over 2 weeks time. Combine that they the pressure that Milan will be under, and I am more than sure that it will be a fantastic game.

“The European system is organised to reward audacious action away from home.

“When you go away in the Champions League, you have to score. The best way to score is play in an offensive way, and we will try to do that.”

5) We have Robin van Persie and Thierry Henry. The chances of van Persie having at least a few shots on goal are pretty high, and Thierry will want to sign off his Champions League career in the same way that he did with the Premier League yesterday. TH12 heads back to New York on Thursday. As a true Arsenal legend, he deserves to go out with a bang.

9 thoughts on “5 reasons why Arsenal will qualify for the Champions League quarter finals

  1. Arsenal1Again

    The Milan team we built was full of OLD players. The Fabregas goal was a wonder gosl smd not expected by snyone, not even Cesc himself. It’s very reminiscent of THAT goal scored by Winterburn against Chelsea.

  2. Bengan,PH Nigeria

    Truely its going to be a massive game but I know we must come home smiling.RVP will definitely tap d net to smile.while d flanks will engage d old milan players on marathon of deir life.Go Gooners ,go get away goal

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  4. WOLF

    Champions league matches usually favor teams like Arsenal as the matches are more open and Milan will not be afraid of us, like stoke, and won’t sit back and have 11 in their own box. Im thinking that walcott and the ox will have good games.

  5. Annabella Immortale

    Ha! You guys are all idiots! Its funny how so many people say milan is too old and yet the same people say Henry will give us trouble when he is the oldest fag! The fact is arsenal have nobody on the team that can stop Ibrahimovic and he proved it in the first leg 4-0 abolishing of your hopeless team. And on the other side milan have the best centre back in the world in thiago silva (who is young by the way) and along with abate completely shut down your precious RVP and that old fag Henry. Arsenal is done!

  6. Forza milan

    LOL WHERE IS YOUR SPIRIT NOW ENGLISHMEN?!?! HAHAHAHAH prepotent pricks ur team is over as it is tell wenger to get some new legs


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