5 things learnt from Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham Hostpur

1) Arsenal possessed the “mental strength” needed to come back from 2-0 down to win comfortably at the Emirates. We did the same thing against Aston Villa a few weeks ago. This is in stark contrast to last season when there were games when we were ahead and failed to hold on to our lead (2-3 vs Spurs & 4-4 vs Newcastle being the prime examples).

2) Gareth Bale is clearly been reading the Busquets guide to cheating ahead of his move to Barcelona. Sky Sports pundits are hardly known for being particularly pro-Arsenal, but even they said it wasn’t a penalty.

3) Experienced players like Tomas Rosicky and Yossi Benayoun definitely have a place in the squad even if they don’t get to feature every week. I was happy to see Rosicky named in the starting XI ahead of Ramsey (who wasn’t even included amongst the subs), but starting Yossi ahead of Gervinho or The Ox was a decision I definitely did not see coming. Rosicky’s fantastic performances this season saw him grab his first Premier League goal for more than 2 years, while I thought that Benayoun also played very well.

4) Theo Walcott may be very frustrating to watch on occasions, but we keep him in the team for moments like this. Theo can be almost invisible at times, but seems to step up in the big games. He scored in both the home and away legs of our Champions League qualifiers against Udinese, at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and two against Sp*rs today. 8 goals & 8 assists this season are hardly the stats of a player that we should be looking to sell in the summer. Maybe a bit of competition from Oxlade-Chamberlain will help too.

5) Sp*rs fans going on about being 13 points clear was very premature. I think that looking at our recent form compared to that of Sp*urs, most pundits had this down as an away win. Once they were 2-0 up I received the usual barrage of abusive texts from fans who presumed that they would be leaving the Emirates with all three points, but I think they probably feel pretty stupid now. Next week is very important as Sp*rs are at home to Manchester United (without Scott Parker), and we are heading to Anfield. There is the potential to close the gap to just 4 points, but also to slip back to being 10 points behind.

12 thoughts on “5 things learnt from Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham Hostpur

  1. dave the gooner

    this game shows what happens when the fans get behind the team. spurs where 2 goals up and we scored 5 without response. maybe an early goal against milan, and we might see a mircle. but then again lighting hardly ever strikes twice. we can live in hope. come on arsenal.

    1. Northbanksy

      Spot on Dave. At 2 nil down I’ve never heard the faithfull get behind the team so much. I wish it were like that every week. Definitely the 12 (& 13th man) today.

  2. ubatgoonergooner

    Less than 50 minutes to turn 2 goals deficit and we scored 5 goals. 4 goals deficit is not impossible in 90 minutes. What say you?

  3. Sahar khan

    We all learnt beyond reasonable doubt Ramsy is garbage that must be sold and useless welsh bastards that keep praising that c*nt can go join Gary speed in hell !!
    Ramsy is the downfall of this team and to hell with any bastard that praises him.
    Over rated pathetic fool that even spurs feel ashamed off.

    Ramsy to hell.com !!!!!

    1. Barnedoor Bendtner

      A bit harsh. Theres no way you can put all the negatives on Ramsey, who has made great efforts to overcome his injury set back.
      I agree his form and touch hasnt been good enough, but he has earned the right to keep trying. He needs more development time away from the first team, maybe even on loan.
      Perhaps knobheads like you on his back, isnt the way forward.


    A very good day I must confess. Wenger got it right today. A game without Ramsey, change of formation and a fantastic result. Congrats Gunners and congrats Wenger.

  5. kc

    One thing we learn from yesterday is the importance of getting rid of the shrikers. The last of them have retired back to Russia. Team and fighting spirit is back. keep it up guys.

  6. adil

    I say if every1 is fit than start the same team vs Milan and give them hell, if we dont go thru than make sure we make them sweat it out!!

  7. GidiGooner

    It’s brainless morons like sahar khan’t that make this world such a sad, sad place. Not even respect for the deceased. You, my friend, are the bastard. I wonder what kind of offspring you will raise; to think a woman will even spend a part of her life (definitely not the whole) with filth like you…

  8. chris

    Sahar Khan, you’re a 1st class dick. I never liked Speed as a player, nor supported any club he played for, but to say that about another decent human being shows the kind of excrement you are.

  9. Tom

    well.. i dont want to be too harsh on ramsey,but yes i must admit he’s not good enough.. i dont even think that he will become as good as some people think he will.. i dont know,that’s just my observation.. some say that we should give him time.. but didnt arsene give him so many chances this season.. he almost starts in every game.. and i cant remember a single decent performance from him.. for me,he’s too slow in everything he does.. it cant get better as he gets older.. to be fair,the playmaker role must be given to Tomas Rosicky by now.. he’s been absolutely amazing so far this season..


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