5 things learnt from Sunderland 2-0 Arsenal

1) We are now closing in on 7 seasons without a trophy… The FA Cup was our last viable hope of ending our trophy drought, and that went down the drain very quickly. We will be knocked out of the Champions League in two weeks time by Milan, and I don’t think that there is a single person who can argue that we will win the Premier League.

2) Squillaci & Djourou need to go as soon as possible. They were an absolute nightmare defensive partnership and our defensive problems will be even worse if Laurent Koscielny doesn’t recover from his injury soon. Following Coquelins injury, Thomas Vermaelen got moved out to left-back (where he is not particularly happy playing) because Kieran Gibbs wasn’t included in the squad. The Djourou/Squillaci combination did not work at all, with both players misjudging the flight of the ball and being caught out of position on multiple occasions. I cannot believe that Johan recent signed a contract extension!

3) Robin van Persie will leave in the summer. Robin cannot do everything himself. Without any sort of support in attack, van Persie is completely isolated and cannot perform to the best of his abilities. If I were Robin, I would be looking at some of the players around me and wondering if it isn’t time to call it quits and move to somewhere like Madrid. Now that we are out of the FA Cup there is very little chance of us keeping hold of our captain past the summer. No trophies & no Champions League = no RvP.

4)The next three Premier League games could be the most important games we have seen in Arsenal’s recent history. 4th place is extremely highly contested this season, and given our recent form I do not see us picking up many points when we play consecutive games against Sp*rs (h), Liverpool (a) & Newcastle (h) in the next two weeks. Three of the toughest games couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Arsenal February meltdown is happening yet again.

5) We are one of the unluckiest clubs with injuries. I know that we complain every season about injuries, but I think that we may just have a case this season. We have been without a proper full-back, Wilshere and Diaby for the majority of the season, and yesterday saw Coquelin, Aaron Ramsey and Squillaci all limp off. Mertesacker is out for the rest of the season, and Koscielny is also injured. Fair enough, I don’t particularly care about Sebastian, but Coquelin will probably be out for the rest of the season with a hamstring injury.

4 thoughts on “5 things learnt from Sunderland 2-0 Arsenal

  1. eduman

    RVP can go as well. Overall I think he is a legend in his own lunchtime and not the fluid striker we need.
    Considering where we are at this time of the year I would drop all those players you mention and probably a few more (Rosicky and Arshavin) and bring in Miyaichi, Park and Vela and other younger players. Give them until the end of the season to prove they can play at the top level.
    And, we need a left sided midfield player in the mould of Edu – a fetch and carry man and someone who was a accurate passer of a 50yd ball, to open the game up.His last year at Arsenal was 2005 – a coincidence?
    We are much too slow in our appproach player and sometimes one pass is better than four, especially in the box.
    We must have bought a 100 players since 2005 and to what effect????????????????????

  2. GoonerNick

    I agree with most of the article, but i doubt Djourou will be leaving anytime soon, he has just signed a new contract, so sadly he will be hanging around a few more years.

  3. Keith Hutton africa

    I am a Sunderland supporter but have always loved and respected the exciting way the Arsenal have played under Wenger. The problem seems to me that Mr Wenger doesn’t like English type defenders which is strange when you consider he was successful with Keown. Adams, Bould Winterburn etc. He employs defenders from the lower european leagues, but his defenders are great on the ball have fantastic technique are great passers but can’t tackle and really can’t defend. If Sunderland had Arsenals defence I fear they would be relegated and if Arsenal had Sunderland’s they would be challenging for the title. Not that Sunderland have the best defence in England but Arsenal have close to the worst, this may seem harsh but be honest its true.


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