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Welcome to Straight Talking Gooners!

This site will keep you up to date with everything Arsenal – from transfer gossip to pre-match stats and predictions.

You can contact us at: straightalkingooners@hotmail.co.uk or on +447500 062 191

Please note that this site is in no way connected with Arsenal FC. The opinions are not representative of the club.

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Ben Montague – Ben is a huge Arsenal fan with an interest in social media and marketing. Straight Talking Gooners is a great hobby that allows him to share thoughts with other Arsenal fans on a regular basis.

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10 thoughts on “About/Contact Us

  1. Greg Ahloopilin

    My mates in the US get together everyday after school and have dedicated the hour of 18:00 to STG .
    We love the site and we are thinking of moving to London to get involved in the STG and join the community at the headquarters.
    Would very much enjoy to meet benmonty , joelk11 and dannywirth sometime soon , i am your number 1 fan !

  2. George Howes

    Saw the advertisement on 606, was slightly annoyed due to the spam that goes on there by quite frankly poor websites, however am very impressed by this one.
    Great writing and frequent blog posts, keep it up lads!

  3. chazza

    One of the best blogs ive seen, wish i discovered it earlier! proper good transfer news- hopefully more of it!

  4. Kevin Adaki

    I see that Wenger has tried to make serious signings, but we still need other experienced players to sharpen our club. But he should also sell players like; Diaby, Eboue, Chamakh among other lazy players

  5. frankie

    It’s good to learn Arsenal have really matured in building up players like Jerkinson,sagna,coquilin, and a host of other players…Mannone should be left as number 1 cos we prefer him to unserious szzecny


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