Arsenal MOTM vs Manchester City

Before I write about my thoughts on yesterday’s game (including player ratings), I thought that I would include a quick poll and ask who my fellow Arsenal supporters thought was MOTM against Manchester City.

Several players stood out, although I think that the team had a very good game as a whole and that the scoreline actually flattered a rather deflated City side. Mario Balotelli deserves a special mention for creating tension in the City camp and all but ending their hopes of winning the Premier League. Player ratings and match thoughts will be published later this evening.

My MOTM was Mikel Arteta, who is having a fantastic end to the season. Our last-minute “panic-buy” is out to prove a point. His spectacular free-kick in our 3-0 win over Aston Villa a few weeks ago was followed by another beautiful goal from outside the box. It seems to me that Mikel is the only Arsenal played who likes to shoot from long-distance – and more often than not his shots are on target.

4 thoughts on “Arsenal MOTM vs Manchester City

  1. Kurticus

    Bacary Sagna gets it for sure, he gets a 10 rating in my view. We looked dangerous on the right most of all, mostly because of his attacking runs on the right, and inter-play with walcot. We could of got like three goals from the right.
    But we dominated mainly because of the 4 man unit of koscielny and vermalean behind song and arteta, in both chemistry, skill and phsycality are better than any other 4 in the EPL if not better.


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