Arsenal set to clinch first deal of the summer

As we look back on a rather dull London derby last weekend (and listen to the endless hype regarding the Manchester derby next week), it seems that Arsenal has been working behind the scenes to finalise the Podolski deal.

We all know that Wenger wants him, and he wants us. I’m not one of those who believes the transfer was done and dusted months ago, because that’s not often the Arsenal way. However, we did sign Jenkinson very early and swiftly last year, so perhaps the Podolski deal has been similar.

The Metro has quoted Wenger as saying:

“Yes [we want Podolski].

“We want to add some offensive strikers, because many times people say we rely too much on Van Persie, which is true, but if we can find world-class players, we will [challenge for the title].”

It has been mooted that the deal hasn’t been announced due to Koln’s reluctance to further irritate their fans who are already angry as their team languish near the bottom of the league.

I have no doubt that Arsenal would, as Wenger stated, challenge for the title if a few key additions were made. But the signing of Podolski does beg the following questions – where will he play and what becomes of Park and Chamakh?

Firstly, he could play out on the left of a 4-3-3 as he does for Germany. He is a natural finisher, and will undoubtedly score goals from out wide as Walcott has done for us this season. However, if he is deployed on the wing, that leaves Arsenal with a conundrum – too many wingers! We could have Podolski, Theo, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Ryo and Arshavin fighting for just two spots. Although Arshavin is likely to leave this summer, we would also have to send Ryo on loan again to make space for Podolski as a wide man. Four wingers would be a perfect for a squad that plays a 4-3-3 and is involved in as many games as Arsenal often is.

The second question requires little debate, although the issue is how to get rid of them. Park and Chamakh are almost certainly on their way out of the club (unless Park fancies another season on the bench!). But they are on inflated wages at Arsenal, and we would probably have to take a cut-price deal to sell them.

Whatever happens, these issues seem to be problems for the future because the official announcement of the Podolski deal seems to be drawing nearer every day. However, I do hope he will get the chance to play alongside our captain, the winner of the PFA Player of the Year who has reiterated his desire to leave contract talks until the summer.


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3 thoughts on “Arsenal set to clinch first deal of the summer

  1. weedonald

    Well written blog but where do you get your salary information from? AFC don’t share that with anyone. My guess is that you’re guessing and basing your conclusions on the crap that filters out of LeGrove and other sites.

    I saw Podolski live in Stuttgart and Koln as well as on German TV and was always impressed with his very straightforward attacking style, his dangerous shooting from distance and his aggressiveness as a supporting striker behind someone like RVP. Koln had a poor team overall and still do but Podolski was the pick of the crop there. He would add a Benzema like quality to our attack, something we have needed since the Crozilian left.

  2. Gerry Lennon

    i agree that this will be a positive signing, not least because it looks like be a pattern for other ‘early signings’?
    I have two worries about Podolski. One is his personality, from what I have read. I hope he gels rather than irritates RVP? The other is the thought that he is the first piece of insurance, should Robin decide to leave?
    I can understand him taking his time over his decision, and I am equally sure that his family come first. That said, AW does not want a repeat of last season, where all available replacements had gone by the time Nasri left. Apart from Podolski himself, there are a select few other alternatives who look like being snapped up even before the transfer window officially opens?
    I guess many will be reluctant to sign for Arsenal until that 3rd spot is secure, and as reluctant as I am to want it, we need Man City to win ‘the derby match’, just so that they keep their focus when they play Newcastle? … a nerrvy couple of weeks, methinks!

  3. Mista Tee

    nice article but lost credit when you qoute the metro, get better news from bbc’s gossip column.


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