Arsenal striker: “I will fight with Wenger to let me leave”

Carlos Vela insists that he is prepared to fight with Arsène Wenger to ensure that he does not return to Arsenal next season.

Having failed to make a significant impact during a three-year stint in North London, Vela has now reinvented himself in La Liga while on loan at Real Sociedad.

With 6 goals in his last 7 games (including an overhead kick against Villareal on Sunday), the Mexican is now the clubs top goalscorer for the 2011/12 season. Vela has clearly hit form at the best possible time as he looks to prove that he deserves to stay in Spain beyond the summer.

Arsène Wenger has previously suggested that he see’s Vela as a striker in the Eduardo mould, but on this occasion I am afraid that I must disagree. Eduardo was a natural finished and a goal-poacher. Had he not picked up such a horrific injury, I am sure that he would have had a long and successful career at Arsenal. All I remember of Vela was a hattrick against Sheffield United in the Carling Cup and a few fancy chips; as Arsenal fans we only saw a few moments of brilliance in and amongst many lackluster performances. You can’t even argue that he wasn’t given enough time. Vela has made 62 appearances for Arsenal, only 2 short of Jack Wilshere.

“Wenger has the final decision. If he says that he will sell me then I will see what options there are.

“If he says that he wants me to stay then I will fight with him to let me leave because my intention is to not go back.

With a return to The Emirates is seemingly out of the question, Carlos remains hopeful that Arsenal and Real Sociedad can come to an agreement over the summer. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail (not that they are particularly reliable…) are reporting that Real Betis are also preparing a £3.5 million bid for the 23-year-old. Unfortunately for him, a hatrick of Real’s looks very unlikely; Madrid will probably not be making us an offer! Wherever he may go, that £3.5m should come in very handy as we look to bolster our team for the 2012/13 season.

“It is not just a question of feeling comfortable in the city because it is also an economical question.

“My registration belongs to Arsenal and I cannot tell them that I like San Sebastian so they should give me to Real Sociedad.

“If I am asked if I am happy here then I would say that I am happy here but if you ask me if I am going to stay then the answer could be yes and it could be no.”

In other news, leaked photos of what are apparently Arsenal’s 2012/13 home and away shirts can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Arsenal striker: “I will fight with Wenger to let me leave”

  1. sam

    i doubt he really said those words, just the media wouldn’t leave arsenal alone and the buy buy brigade who don’t want anyone to stand in podolski’s way. or whoever big money striker we gonna sign.
    only arsene wenger knows if he still has a future at arsenal and we will find out in the summer

  2. DocBrody

    You can’t believe quotes like this. Especially if it comes from a Spanish mag. Nothing against the spainyards, but how many times have they put words in players mouths over the years? To many to count.

  3. Steve of Chiang Mai

    Well Carlos…if your performances convince someone to be forthcoming with the cash and you aren’t too greedy with your personal terms shouldn’t be a problem should there?

  4. selling club

    vela could be a special talent if managed correctly. He is a natural finisher and a good all-round offensive player.
    Sticking him out on the wing like wenger did with arsha and bendtner only wastes his talent. He is a million times better than chamakh and much better than park, and the only attribute walcott has over vela is raw pace.
    i dont blame vela for not wanting to play in wengers “plan a” only football especially when it doesnt suit velas style. Good luck vela!


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