Arsenal summer clear out – what will probably happen

Arsene Wenger is supposedly eyeing a summer clear out, to get rid of the players who are affectionately described as “deadwood” by Arsenal fans.

Now maybe this is just my warped logic, but doesn’t it seem churlish to label part of our team as “deadwood”? I’m not saying that Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia, Squillaci and co. are stalwarts in this Arsenal side, but we have to be fair. They have all had some positive input in their time at Arsenal, however insignificant, and for that we shouldn’t simply pile the blame on them and call for their heads. (Then again, I’m inclined to agree with fans that we should get them off the wage bill. I just don’t think they should be described with the term “deadwood.” It’s a bit harsh.)

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time we have heard that Arsenal are set to clear out most of the squad. We seem to hear it every summer. In fact, arguably it’s the same thing every fan of every club is hoping for. Every supporter wants the manager to get rid of the players that have under-performed and bring in “a few big names” to boost the side.

Last summer saw Arsenal lose some key players, but we also got rid of some of that “deadwood” on loan – Vela, Bendtner and Denilson. I don’t know the exact details, but I believe that these loanees are no longer on our wage bill (at least we aren’t paying all their wages anymore).

Who do we want to get rid of this summer? I think there are quite a few names on the tips of Gooners’ tongues, but we have to bear in mind that we probably won’t be signing as many players as we did last summer. I suspect Wenger will be purchasing two or three players and promoting a couple from the reserves. If that’s the case, we can’t get rid of 8 or 9 players – the squad would lose a lot of depth.

Arshavin recently stated that he expects to return to Arsenal after his loan spell, although we don’t know whether Wenger will want him to return. Our wealth of talent on the wings may force Andrey to look elsewhere – we have Theo, Gervinho, the Ox, Ryo and Podolski (pending his 37th medical). In addition, Wenger has used Rosicky and Ramsey on the wings when needed.

Denilson is apparently eyeing another season on loan at Sao Paulo. I don’t know why he doesn’t just decide to make the move permanent, but I suspect it is a money issue. Sao Paulo’s vice president had this to say:

“Our conversation was that we have every interest in continuing as we are.

“We want to renew at the end of the contract and he has said he wants to too.

“He [Denilson] will speak with his representatives, who will contact the English club.

“There is no rush because he is here until the middle of the year.”

As for other players on their way out, I think Almunia and Chamakh are almost definitely going to leave. The former’s contract runs out this summer, and the latter has stated that he will head for the exit if his playing time doesn’t change. Well, I think Chamakh is unlikely to get many more matches at Arsenal this season, as we enter a critical stage in the race for 3rd/4th. I can’t help but feel sorry for him, because he hasn’t had the number of opportunities that he should’ve been given. Having said that, even when he has been picked, he hasn’t been particularly impressive.

Apart from the four I have mentioned, other potential transfer exits include Squillaci, Park, Vela, Bendtner and possibly Benayoun. Everyone wants Squillaci to leave, but Arsene needs to have at least five centre-backs he can rely on. Getting rid of Squillaci would require more faith in Miquel, and he is still young, although clearly pretty good. The Park situation is strange, but if he is here for some sort of commercial reason, then I expect him to stay. Vela may very well return, but Bendtner probably won’t, especially given his comments earlier in the season about how he will never come back to Arsenal. Benayoun has voiced his frustration at not getting matches, and he seems likely to go to a lower Premier League club after returning to Chelsea.

So I reckon that this will happen:

Leaving : Almunia, Chamakh, Bendtner, Benayoun

Out on loan: Squillaci, Denilson

Staying: Arshavin, Vela, Park

It may not be the ideal situation, but this seems more realistic that the media’s assertion that we will have a full clear-out this summer.

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One thought on “Arsenal summer clear out – what will probably happen

  1. sellarshavin

    Please Arshavin don’t stay! If Arsenal want to show some serious ambition they should trust Wenger to replace all of these players, even when they just want to stay at the club to earn more than they would elsewhere. Wenger should make it very clear that they wont get any games if they stay and even if injuries take their toll on the team (which could be pretty unlikely if the right replacements are brought in) their replacements should go down the ranks of the youth team. Vela is the only player mentioned their who has any chance at all of a future in Arsenals first team or even as squad member for a title winning team but it is still a really long shot and having another fresh face or just dumping the wages would be better. Arsenal fans have never asked for the club to spend stupid money on players like Man City/Chelsea/Real Madrid but seeing the value for money that they get with what they spend I am skeptically curious as to why it is not done on a larger scale now that the net debts of the club have almost gone, If they sold all of those players they could get around £20m and loose £25m a year from the wage bill which along with Arsenals profits of £50-60m they wheel n deal 5 replacements without putting the club into further debt, guys who want to proof themselves and compete for a first team place and along with another 2 promoted youth players and the likes of Ryo, Chamberlain, Conquilen having more chances competing with each other and Diaby and Rosicky we have the potential to have a very dangerous team next year. I say go for it!
    Wenger is a world class coach who deserves a full squad of world class players like all those he competes against.
    Kroenkes motives certainly aren’t completely clear as to how much money he is taking from the club. Hes already had 2 seasons of the profits not going completely to pay off the debts.
    Van Persie needs to be convinced to stay/be replaced
    The press never shut up about how long Arsenal have gone trophy-less for
    This is the last season clubs can spend beyond their means and Arsenal being a relatively healthy club financially can make the market allot harder for lots of other top teams.
    All of those players except Benayoun have been given countless chances to prove they can make some sort of contribution to winning a trophy and perhaps had moments of brilliance but not enough to warrant a squad place, and ironically hes the only one we don’t own and is not a good future investment.

    Here is to hoping without getting your hopes up.


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