Arsenal transfers: Celtic Star would Suit Arsenal and Come Cheap

Arsenal’s continued hunt for a new striker this January appears to have run aground after Klaas-Jan Huntelaar signed a new contract with Schalke and Fernando Llorente insisted he is happy to stay in Spain.

With Nicklas Bendtner and Marouane Chamakh out on loan, there are only three recognised strikers at the club – none of which have made the centre-forward position their own this season. Theo Walcott has proven he can do it alone against the Premier League’s weaker teams but Sunday’s quiet display against Manchester City surprised few online football betting pundits.

Granted, a red card just nine minutes in did not help matters, but when Arsenal did have the ball in a promising position – especially on the wing when Bacary Sagna moved forward – there was no aerial presence in the box as Vincent Kompany towered over the tiny Walcott.

Even when Olivier Giroud entered the field, Arsenal could not get a real effort on target, exposing the confidence crisis in Wenger’s attacking unit when they are under pressure to perform.

What Wenger needs this January is a striker in form and self-assured in his own ability. Maybe someone like Gary Hooper, Celtic’s 18-goal striker who has not only terrorised SPL back fours but scored crucial Champions League goals for the Scottish title holders this season.

Hooper was instrumental in Celtic’s qualification for the Champions League knock-out stage, a development that surprised experts offering football tips, and inspired both Norwich and Southampton to reportedly line up £5m offers.  Wenger must realise that this opportunity, at such a cheap price, could make the difference for his side this season.

At just £5m, Hooper would fit in well at Arsenal and make the centre-forward position his own. He is strong, holds the ball up well and has an eye for goal. He has already stated he would not mind playing in the Premier League to boost his England potential – an ambition Wenger already hopes to achieve in a number of his young players.

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26 thoughts on “Arsenal transfers: Celtic Star would Suit Arsenal and Come Cheap

  1. Anonymous

    Start in bidding at £10m and we’ll think about it….
    You have some valid point there he could bang the goals in for Arsenal, who was the last English striker for arsenal, Ian Wright?

  2. Vincent Doherty

    Do you really think Neil Lennon is going to let Hooper go at this stage for £5m? I think you’d need to double before you were even in the ball park, even at that, Hooper would be a steal.

  3. Stephen

    He is decent but no RVP- but you won’t get him or any 10-20 goals a season striker for £5m.

    Try £12m now or £8m in the summer.

  4. Eddie

    forget it, he’s already said he’s not going ANYWHERE till the summer, plus you should keep in mind that Celtic have already knocked back the derisory £5m offers for him also so it might take a bit of a rethink if you want him to move to London.

    Celtic are in no hurry to sell him and have no need to sell him, we don’t need the money so its going to take a substantial offer to get him in January.

    The days of the English clubs clicking their fingers and taking any player they want from Celtic are gone for now.

  5. jonny

    you’ll need to at the very least double your £5 million offer to get a discussion on hooper over a cup of tea!

    No chance at 5

  6. LondonBhoy89

    Cheers for the compliment Gooners, but it would make no sense for any of the parties (Celtic, Hooper, or indeed, Arsenal) for a 5 million pound bid to be accepted in this window. While Arsenal are at the same stage of the Champions League, Hooper would come in as cup-tied and would most certainly cost upwards of 8-10 million, or even more, if he came now. In the summer it is true he could go, and probably will, for 5-6, but right now this would be foolish for everyone.

  7. Hoopers Gent

    Dear oh Dear,£5 million! really ,start at £8 million and we might talk,failing that go away,you may not have twigged yet,your penny pinching and cheap outlook is the reason you aint won anything of note recently,your no longer an automatic top 4 in the EPL,your as likely to win the Champions League as Celtic are.A touch of realism is required Mr Gooner. Your being left behind and you manager has no clue how to change it i’m afraid.

  8. Shug

    I’m sure Hooper will go somewhere where he will win a few trophies. Arsenal certainly don’t fit that criteria.

  9. jockybhoy

    Hooper is still young and will no doubt to move onwards and upwards (so doubt Norwich os Soton will tempt) but there’s no way on God’s green earth anyone will get him for £5m. Double that and clubs may have a chance. Otherwise Celtic will keep him and try and pull off as famous a victory over Juve as they did over Barca.

    TBH I don’t see his style fitting in with Arsenal’s anyway.

  10. Jhimmy T jnr.

    5 Million?

    Arsenal have no chance of getting Hooper in this transfer window for that kind of money.

    Van Persie went for 22 million with 1 year left on his contract and Arsenal were holding out for 25. I’m not for 1 minute comparing the 2 above mentioned players but Celtic’s prize asset will not be the “cheap option” as you put it.

    Celtic paid 2.4 million for a 22 yr old involved in a relegation battle in the Championship and took all the risks with Gary – to think an EPL team could now net a 24 yr old, who’s scoring freely, including priceless goals in the UCL is ludicrous – not to mention could not feature for another club in this years UCL if he was to sign is just never going to happen.

    I do however hope when he goes and I say when, that it is to a top 6 good footballing team like the gunners because when Gary Hooper goes through on goal….he SCORES!

    Good luck Arsenal tonight. HH

  11. Chrissy bhoy

    I don’t know why you think he would cost 5 million when Celtic turned down 6 & 7 million bids.

    The only way you can get him cheap is wait 12 months and hope nobody else signs him

  12. maurice

    Seriously, do you imagine that a team in the last 16 of the CL, as Arsenal, with a fixture vs Juventus imminent and thus having made 25 + million in the CL campaign, would allow their first choice striker to leave for 5 million in Jan transfer window? Celtic don’t need to sell at this price; if anything it would require a fee at least double this amount. I’d suggest a fee closer to 10 million may satisfy the club’s valuation considering that he has 18 months remaining on his current contract.

  13. Tim Brown

    Hooper’s current Celtic contract runs until summer 2014. That’s 18 months away.

    Celtic have absolutely no need to sell, as they’re well-run financially (almost completely debt-free), and will rake in an extra 30M this season due to their current run in the Champions League.

    They are also almost guaranteed entry into the CL for at least the next 3-4 years as their greatest rivals now play in the Scottish 3rd Div. So Celtic’s finances look very healthy over the next 3-4 years at least, with no necessity to sell any players to make ends meet.

    Additionally, anyone who thinks Celtic would allow Hooper to leave for around 5M should put away their crack pipe. Jelavic was sold by Rangers for about 6M because they were desperate for cash. Celtic aren’t. (See reference to 18 month contract, above.)

    Considering what EPL clubs will pay for just average players, Hooper will certainly go for much more than 5M if and when he does leave Celtic.

  14. Old Teacher

    Gary Hooper for £5 million? You must be joking.
    What world do you live in? An Arsenal world, I suppose.
    Hard luck!

  15. aceplym

    Nice to see Aresnal being linked with a Celtic player other than Wanyama for a change! I think it’s fairly well known that Hooper is changing agents at the ned of the month, which I suspect means that while he’s highly likely to move (to the right club for the right offer) this summer, he’s not got much intention of going anywhere this January. An offer of £6.5m or up in the summer might get you somewhere though

  16. CelticAlone

    Unless Hooper – who surely will leave us sooner or later – could be guaranteed first team football, he’d be mad to go to Arsenal at this point.
    Let’s face it, the Gooners have no more chance of winning the CL than us, are struggling in the Premiership, out of the league cup, so have only the FA Cup left to play for – are they still in it?
    On the other hand, Hooper’s guaranteed a minimum of another SPL winner’s medal, and feasibly also a league and/or Scottish cup medal as well. No, he’d be mad to jump ship before the end of the season – if at all.
    There again, money still talks, as they say?

  17. martin maxwell

    £5 million you cannot be serious this is a player who scored more goals in the championship than Andy Carrol and he has so far cost Liverpool £40 million

  18. Tommybhoy1888

    Arsenal would be kidding themselves if they thought they could get Gary Hooper for £5m, the london club have an ever growing reputation as penny pinchers, but they won`t be pinching any Celtic player for a measly £5m.

  19. Big Mike

    You do realise you Gooners could have bought old Rangers lock stock and barrel for £5.5m. Joking aside lads we need Hooper for the CL we would be leaving ourselves short in this area. Good luck with your season though!


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