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Has Wenger got a plan for Yann?

The rumours that Arsenal are after Yann M’Vila stepped up a notch after well-respected blogger @YouAreMyArsenal confirmed that his sources indicated a deal was done.

Arsenal’s twitter fanbase went into a frenzy as @YouAreMyArsenal & @AlexFortyNine indicated the club had agreed to sign a big star from Ligue 1 who would “walk in” to Man City’s first team. Soon enough, the bloggers confirmed their sources and apparently got permission to name the player (or maybe they decided it wouldn’t affect the transfer).

Their initial apprehension behind naming the player could have been an attempt to drum up some suspense. However it seems just as likely that they feared a Mata situation, as we experienced last summer, where the media attention on a deal simply alerted other clubs.

Now for some facts and stats on M’Vila. He’s a 21 year old defensive midfielder, currently at Rennes. He has played well over 100 games for the club and has gone on to make appearances for the French national team. Although he’s young, those in the game are already lauding him as a big player for the future. From my limited knowledge of the player, he seems to be a disciplined and tidy midfielder, with an eye for a creative pass as well. He isn’t a great scorer – only four for his club despite his 124 appearances. In fact, @YouAreMyArsenal noted that his goalscoring ability is one of his few faults. Having watched him in a few matches and in a few video compilations of his 90-minute performances, he has impressed me, although perhaps he is a little bit one-footed.

@AlexFortyNine tweeted the following details of the potential transfer:

If Wenger really is looking to spend that kind of money on a 21 year old, it should tell you a lot about the player. I can’t see Wenger splashing the cash on someone who he doesn’t see having a big future. Then again, Arsene’s biggest signings haven’t always been the most impressive – Reyes, Arshavin, Jeffers, Gervinho (although I will reserve judgement on him, I’m sure he will improve next season) etc. Wenger’s best buys seem to be the ones which he plucks from nowhere and turns into a world beater. There are some exceptions to this though, a few (relatively) expensive signings have been impressive – Nasri, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Henry, Oxlade-Chamberlain, among others.

What does this mean for the current squad? We are already blessed with plenty of midfield talent, when everyone is fit. But with Benayoun looking likely to leave, and Diaby permanently crocked, some more competition would be excellent news. Song is moving into the last year of his contract, and despite his fantastic through balls, he still lacks the defensive discipline to play in the ‘DM’ role. We could cash in on him, but I’d prefer to see M’Vila and Song battle it out for that midfield role. In addition, we have Coquelin and Frimpong who can play there. Perhaps we will see M’Vila start in defensive midfield and Song will be allowed to venture further upfield.

Whatever Wenger chooses to do, if this transfer does go through, then it is a big coup. Firstly, he is a top player and secondly, the deal is rumoured to be done before the Euros. If M’Vila performs well at the Euros, then his value is sure to shoot up. Sign him up now, Arsene!


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5 thoughts on “Has Wenger got a plan for Yann?

  1. fowler

    This should be a massive signing and a signal as to what direction the club wants to head in.

    I just hope we havnt jumped the gun.

  2. Wilshere19

    If vertonghen who can also play DM is signed as well then I think we should use Song to try and lure Sahin from Madrid. They like the look of song and with us signing M’vila (another Madrid target) song could be their top target. He is only good when Arteta is doing most his job for him and if we can add Sahin along with Podolski and Valbuena/Dempsey/Martin then those 3 players will make up for songs assists while M’vila or Vertonghen add more disciple in DM or CB.

  3. jame

    I agree about offloading Song to real Madrid especially if we could get Sahin a top quality player but I don’t think it will happen. What people who rave about song and his assists (14 in all in all competitions) is that he spends far to much time on the ball slows our attacks and for every assist he gives the ball away at least 10, like sat at the grove and all gooners there would have seen why song is such a problem when he pushed forward tried his usual Hollywood ball miss hit it Norwich picked his loose pass up broke through the massive gap in midfield Song had left whilst he was fannyin about in the final third and scored. This is not the first occasion hes done this with same result QPR, Fulham and Swansea just to name some of the other teams that have caught him out he needs to learn quickly because time is running out for him with the hopeful signing of M’Vila and the impressive Coquline coming through he may find him self benched

  4. Ade David, a Nigerian Gooner

    He is a quality player. Wenger should go ahead and sign him before other clubs come knocking. One of our problems this year is that we dont have quality bench. Player like Song has no competitors


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