Leaked photos of Arsenal 2013/14 Home, Away & 3rd Kits

Twitter is going slightly crazy this morning after somebody leaked what are supposedly pictures of the new Arsenal home, away and 3rd kits for the 2013/14 season.

Some people on Twitter were suggesting that these images are definitely fake because the current kit is for 2 seasons (from 2012-2014). I have double checked on Arsenal.com and the home kit is for two seasons, but we will be getting new away and third kits for 2013/14.

Back in October it was revealed in several newspapers that Arsenal’s kit deal with Nike is due to expire in 2014 and that the club were going to agree a £20-25 million-a-year deal to have Adidas as their new kit designers and manufacturers. Although this was never confirmed by the club or by Adidas, it wouldn’t surprise me if Adidas were the new manufacturers. This would be a good bit of business for Arsenal, as our current Nike deal is worth only £13 m a season. The designs below could well be design proposals from Adidas for kits in the 2014/15 season (- in which case having the home shirt does make sense).

Rumoured Arsenal kit for the 2013/14 season

I am not quite sure why Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was chosen as the example player, but that is a minor detail. The kits are actually quite nice, especially now that I am used to the stripe that we have on the arm of the kit this season. I guess that I could get used to a stripe across the shirt. I presume that the white kit is the away kit and the blue kit of the 3rd kit, but I am not 100% sure.

20 thoughts on “Leaked photos of Arsenal 2013/14 Home, Away & 3rd Kits

  1. D1

    I like them. Different look, the stripe across the chest doesn’t bother me, similar to Milan’s white kit, which I like. Three stripes still there but don’t seem as prominent, which is good. I wonder how the white shirt will be received.

  2. lonewolf

    This is part of the design examples put forward by adidas in their proposal in an attempt to win the shirt deal when it is up for renewal next season. At the end of the day it wont be design quality that wins the bid it will be money and it is likely that Nike will up their bid anyway so as no to lose out!

  3. Stuart Bell

    Sorry but you are wrong. Arsenal confirmed that the home kit is for 2 seasons which is when the Nike deal expires. There are negotiations happening now with both adidas and Nike. I am very hopeful adidas get the nod. We will have a new away kit next season tho & this will be manufactured by Nike not adidas, unless arsenal but out the last year of the Nike contract but unsure they can as they confirmed to fan groups etc this season that the home kit is for 2 seasons

  4. Dein

    Dont like the design, looks too much like an MLS kit, should be more like the traditional arsenal adidas kit to boost sales.

  5. D. Dein

    Dont like the designs at all, looks more like an MLS kit. Adidas should deign one similar to their traditional arsenal kits and have yellow as the away – this will boost sales. Rubbish Arsenal board!

  6. Mr M.

    The home kit now is 2012/2014, meaning we will see the same home kit for two seasons. Only the away kit is 2012/2013, meaning we will see a new away kit next season. Cheers.

  7. afc

    i like the white shirt. arsenal never win anything with a blue/purple kit it seems like bad luck. if arsenal go back to an yellow away kit we might win something. the yellow away kits have seem to have brought afc plenty of glory in the past.

  8. Gunner123

    Reminds Me Of The AC Milan Kits I Think The Person Who Made It Based It On The Milan Kit But Then Adidas Could Make The Same Design Oh Wait Puma Signed A Contract For Arsenal And 2013/14 Season Kit Will Be Nikes Last… FAKE

  9. c

    These are fake, they are fan made rumors. Arsenal’s kits will be made by Puma as of 2013/14, as they are signing a £30 million a year deal with them

  10. lot

    for me arsenal should retain nike as their kit manufacturer because nNIKE is more creative and more resourceful than ADIDAS.


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