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Leaked pictures of Arsenal 2012/13 Home & Away shirts

Below is a picture of what are apparently (at least this week…) leaked photos of the 2012/13 Arsenal home and away shirts.

The picture has been re-tweeted so many times that it is almost impossible to track the original source. I tried my best. The general consensus is that the kits look a lot more genuine than some of the others that have been suggested over the past few month, although I have my doubts because the badge is different to normal.

The home shirt is okay, but I don’t really understand why they felt the need to include a white line that cuts across the chest. Just plain red and white would have been a lot simpler and would go down better with the fans.

It also looks like we could be having a return to the yellow away kit which has been prominent since 1969. I am not such a fan of our current blue away kit, so it will be nice to see us back in yellow (also with an unnecessary stripe across the chest…).

As we are nearing the end of the season, you Arsenal should release official images of the kit within the next few week so that fans can start to pre-order. Last year we had to wait until June for official confirmation, although I am hoping that this year will be a little earlier; some of the other teams in the Premier League have already released their kits.

These shirts are in stark contrast to pictures that were doing the rounds earlier this month, in which the supposed 2012/13 home shirt has black stripes on the sleeves and the away shirt resembles that of the 2007/08 season.

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21 thoughts on “Leaked pictures of Arsenal 2012/13 Home & Away shirts

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  2. Steve of Chiang Mai

    Let’s hope as you say these pictures are in stark (sic) contrast to the ones posted before because they were awful. I guess the stripe across the chest makes sense when you look at the red stripe on the away kit and they kept the continuity on the home kit. I’ll take the thin white stripe on the chest over the dark blue/black on the other shirt we’ve seen every day.

  3. Cris

    This is not real. It is a fan made jersey off on Football Shirt
    Unfortunately 100% fake.

  4. arsnl4ever

    Hope it’s fake.. ugly IMHO.. from afar looks like a sports bra.. not that there’s anything wrong with that..

  5. bc

    I think the stripe is quite poignant. it clearly represents how supporters are striped up by the club. the most expensive season tickets the most expensive beer the most expensive food and the kits well. anyone who buys and even worse wears replica kits to go football or even worse to go down the pub is for me a laughing stock. it is just so unnecessary. it is fine for kids but when you see over weight and 30+ men and women trying to dress up like a professional footballer it just dont sit right. it would be like dressing up as a nun to go to church. also the price is just sick £40 for a garment that is worth no more than a couple of quid. in no other type of shirt would u wear an item made of such material.

  6. Alex

    this is better than the pathetic black-armband jerseys that were circling around the net a couple of months ago.

  7. tobechukwu

    why not the invincible a way shirt 2003/2004…?
    we’ve lost so much many games in terms of yellow shirt……
    and no trophies then…so why going for what we all no that isn’t good….
    actually i’m not written it off ….but all i’m saying is that the yellow a away shirt hasn’t be good for us sine all the days of arsenal…hn! pls…changee it…now 2003/2004….a away shirt then ‘ll be perftly okay for the club and the fans as well…hn!pls….up gooneers…
    and wenger need not to be told of buying a quality player that can compete for a trophies….let him take a look at man-city….they have all it takes there..but they don’t no how to use them…isn’t it…?
    and take a look at man-u…they also has all it takes as well…and they are all competing for every competition that comes a away…look at CL…they are in final spot…now ….look at FA-cup they are also in final spot as well….WHERE ARE THE ARSENALS……?
    (1*)deploy all the dead wood players….and sale them.or loan them permanently…
    (2*)stop using under age players….like using 16,17,18,19,20,21,22…in premier league…
    (3*)use 16,17,18,19,20,21,22…for carling -cup only….
    (4*) stop managing players….
    (5*) don’t be too soft on them….remember they also came to work as you’re working too…hn!
    (6*)don’t fear to buy who you like as a player…
    (7*)stop looking character in football…
    (8*) and finally be your fans….and be honest to your fans a s!

  8. Matt

    I wrote an email to Arsenal to which i got a reply on the release date of the new kit. Unfortunatley there will be no early release and the new Home kit will be unveiled on June 7th with the away coming later.
    As for these two, the only thing that is good is that i hope go back to having a Yellow away kit nest season. What is the point of that stupid line across the chest of both shirts???
    The easiest way to see what our kits might look like is by checking out the 2012/13 kits of other teams. Lets face it, the Nike designers have no imagination and will use the same designs for lots of teams they sponsor. Personally i want the Home shirt to have the old style collar like our kit for the last season at Highbury, red with white sleeves (no stupid lines) and an overall clssic look.

  9. OzGooner

    By far an improvement on those hidious images doing the rounds previously. I don’t mind the stripe on the away strip & let’s face it you can’t really do a lot with our strip so it’s nice to see that there’s some imagination put in but we’ll see as these could well & truly be completely different to what is released. As long as there’s no black hoops ( dry reaching)

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