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Photo: Robin van Persie in Arsenal’s 2012/13 Away Kit

A picture of Robin van Persie wearing what is supposedly Arsenal’s new away kit for the 2012/13 season has been doing the rounds on Twitter. This comes only a week after Arsenal revealed next season’s home kit, which is now available for pre-order.

In my opinion, the kit seems to be pretty legitimate at first glance. My only doubts come from looking at our previous away shirts. Arsenal always have a predominately blue or yellow away shirt since the 1960’s; the last time the team’s away shirt wasn’t one of these colours was a weird green kit in the 1982/83 season. However, this photo does remind me of Arsenal’s 3rd kit in the 2007/08 season, so maybe whoever leaked it wasn’t clear whether this is an away shirt, but not the away shirt (i.e the regular away shirt will be yellow or blue).

The photo could, of course, be a fake. Photo editing is a relatively simple process for those of us who have spent a large amount of money on photoshop. Then again, the leaked photos of the home kit turned out to be legitimate. As we reach the end of the season I am starting to doubt the authenticity of more professional-looking images like this slightly less.

16 thoughts on “Photo: Robin van Persie in Arsenal’s 2012/13 Away Kit

  1. James

    From what I can see it looks like his arms are out off wack!! Looks like they just copied his Left arm(right to us) and swapped it around to be used as the other arm. As well he has 2 wedding rings otherwise!!

  2. Gunsuphasan

    Doubt it’s fake pretty much real deal ,it’s not bad but not really something looks kike a regular t shirt with fly emirates on it .at least they could have did the sleeves different at the shoulder or a one color instead of them looking like its not stitched straight .whats up with Nike have they run out of ideas or just don’t care we had this as 3rd kit and similar design again i know I can come up with a better design if I was paid to do it .Seriously Nike sucks ass puma and kappa even Adidas are better and more stylish Nike only cares about their nfl uniforms and that’s where they put all the work when it comes to futbol they just say here use this kit from 07-08 change the color and ship it out .

    1. benmonty Post author

      even in that photo he has two rings on. (the same finger on both hands). Very strange

  3. nick

    About 3 days ago Frimpong tweeted this ‘what you fans think of the new home and away shirt for next season??’
    So maybe the images are real? i can’t find that tweet now so maybe it was deleted.

  4. oneniltothearsenal

    Not sure whether or not the jersey is fake but the picture itself is photoshopped, can’t quite remember who did it but I saw it the other day on twitter. Talksport even put it up and on the bottom I believe it mentioned who did the work

  5. Jay

    The kit itself may not be fake, but the picture is. It was photoshopped by someone on Twitter (n).

  6. benmonty Post author

    Never even noticed the wedding ring thing. Maybe the photo is fake, but the shirt itself is the real deal?

  7. richard bull

    the new away kit can’t have red in it. the one i’ve seen is black and purple hoops with red at the bttom of the sleeve. which makes sense as jjb and jd sports have a black and purple training top on sale/pre-order


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