Player Ratings: Arsenal 1-1 Wolves

Szczesny 6 Had barely anything to do all game and couldn’t do anything about the goal. Hunt’s shot essentially got deflected twice before it reached the goal, and he couldn’t react quickly enough to get a hand to the ball.

Djourou 5.5 On the occasions that Jarvis got the ball, he caused Djourou several problems. Djourou was also at fault for not clearing the ball well enough from a corner, which lead to the Wolves goal. Didn’t provide much attacking threat either. He did make one great tackle on Jarvis on the edge of the box early in the match.

Mertesacker 7 Never got beaten in the air and produced a fine save from Hennessey from a downward header.

Koscielny 7 Like the rest of the defence, he was pretty solid despite not having much to do. He made a great attacking run towards the end.

Vermaelen 7 Although he couldn’t provide the width of our preferred full backs, he was defensively strong and provided an attacking threat on occasions.

Song 5.5 Sloppy passes and lucky to stay on the pitch after a few rash challenges. He didn’t move the ball swiftly from defence to attack as we have seen at times this season. Kept Fletcher onside for the goal by being lazy and not pushing up with the defensive line.

Arteta 7 Good but not outstanding. His passing was tidy but he wasn’t the man who created chances, which was disappointing.

Rosicky 7.5 Provided a strong attacking threat. His run which set up the counter attack for Gervinho’s goal was excellent, and he always looked lively and alert. He linked well with van Persie and had a few chances to score himself, including one which flashed wide of Hennessey’s post.

Benayoun 6.5 He kept drifting inside which compounded our lack of width due to having centre backs playing at full back. He started brightly but faded as the game wore on.

Gervinho 7.5 Dangerous player all game, and made a great run for the goal. His finish was composed and will give him plenty of confidence. He made several good runs and often passed the ball right on cue, instead of holding onto it for too long (which he is occasionally accused of).

van Persie 7 He wasn’t at his best but forced plenty of saves, and made some smart runs. He had two free kicks well-saved, as well as a low drive after beating a defender with strength and speed. However he failed to convert two great chances when the ball was lofted over the defence and Robin was well-placed to score. Perhaps the record was weighing on his mind, perhaps it was just an off-day, but Robin would’ve scored at least once had this game come a month earlier.


Arshavin 6.5 Pretty lively and set up a good few chances. Better than what we have seen of him for most of the season, but still not overly impressive.

Chamakh n/a Bashed heads with van Persie and that was about it.

Ramsey 6.5 Made plenty of passes and pushed us forward, but couldn’t do enough to grab a winner.


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6 thoughts on “Player Ratings: Arsenal 1-1 Wolves

  1. dew

    I don’t agree with Rosicky and Gervinho ratings. They were also killers of the game. We truely missed Walcott. Arsenal is toothless without walcott. Arshavin is much good, you will have a feeling that he will do some thing when he has the ball.

  2. Charlie

    Sorry but the rating are all wrong. Song and Arteta did an excellent job of protecting the back line as shown by Arsenals’ total dominance of possession (although with the tactics employed by Wolves hardly difficult). Those players who were responsible for creating chances were all poor. That includes Rosicky, Gervinho, Benayoun and RvP. It was a toothless attacking performance. United and City would have created much more. Arsenal always dominate possession but create less than the teams above them and it is the creativity, from the wings particularly, which will lead to this team ending the season empty-handed. Yes i’m an Arsenal fan but also a realist and this squad is very strong in midfield and even defense but weak in the final third. People were crying out for Rosicky and Benayoun before the match well they failed to step up against Wolves.

    1. joelk11 Post author

      We did have 27 attempts on goal… that doesn’t sound toothless. Rosicky was pretty good if you ask me, far better than Ramsey has been of late.

  3. Charlie

    Fair point joelk11 and RvP would’ve scored at least 2 if he hadn’t been having an off day but the final ball from the flanks is not good enough most of the time. Hate to say it but the likes of Nani, Silva and even Bale are better than our wingers and that is the weakness in the team. Arsenal needs a star winger. As I said the midfield and defense are excellent so I don’t mean to be negative.

    1. joelk11 Post author

      Yeah I agree with you there. Walcott is good, but not good enough. And I reckon Gervinho will come good in time, but if we have two out and out wingers in our 4-3-3 formation, we have to have at least two wingers who are right up there with the best in the world.

      By the way, on Rosicky’s performance, I thought he was pretty good. Benayoun faded in the second half, but Tomas was pretty lively throughout, as this excellent video shows (via @Karpen07):


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