[Player Ratings] Swansea 3-2 Arsenal

Szczesny – 6  Shouldn’t have been beaten from such a tight angle by Danny Graham (although it was a neat finish), and very nearly saved Scott Sinclair’s penalty.

Djourou – 6  Not a natural right-back, and it really showed. He moved forward well, and provided a good ball for Walcott’s goal, but got caught out of position on several occasions and played Swansea’s players onside a few time. Can’t wait to have Sagna back!!

Koscielny – 7.5 Our best player by a country mile was let down by the players around him. Lack of effort/help from the midfielders meant that Swansea were able run at our defence on a regular basis, but Laurent covered well, made some great tackles, and pushed forward when we were looking for an equaliser.

Mertesacker – 6 Missed the perfect opportunity to grab us a third goal. Even if there were players around him, the least he should do from that close it his the target! Not as strong as Kos defensively because he is too slow (which is not really something that he can work on). Positioning was good though.

Miquel – 6 Like Djourou, Miquel was playing out of position. He moves forward well, but his positioning at left-back is pretty poor and that led to at least one of Swansea’s goals.

Song – 5.5 Before the game everybody was saying that we are very lucky that Cameroon didn’t qualify for the African Cup of Nations, but this performance did little for his reputation. Song is normally one of the most important players, but against Swansea he duly failed to deliver. Gave the ball away a lot and didn’t protect the back four.

Ramsey – 4 Gave the ball away more times than I could count, and his lack of composure in/around the opponents box is on the same level as Andrey Arshavin’s at the moment. Was unlucky to concede the penalty, but that was the least of his problems.

Benayoun – 5 Was given the opportunity to show what he is capable of in the absence of Arteta through injury, but didn’t make the most of it. He was absent for large spells of the game. Yossi is pretty small and was pushed off the ball too easily.

Arshavin – 5.5  A fantastic and perfectly-weighted ball to Robin van Persie was followed with absolutely nothing. He lost his shooting boots about 18 months ago and has clearly not bought new ones. Andrey is better than this (I think…)!

Walcott – 6 Very well taken goal (I will admit that I was expecting him to miss), but his crossing was below par and he had a very average game.

Van Persie – 7 A fantastic finish early on, but Robin failed to really impose himself on the game. He tried hard to create space, but Swansea were defensively organised.


Rosicky – 6.5 More influential that Benayoun – why didn’t Wenger take off Ramsey??? – but didn’t really create enough in the 30 minutes he was on the pitch. Had one decent run and shot with about 10 minutes left.

Henry – 6.5 Had a few efforts on goal and attempted to make space, but was clearly frustrated as most of the other players were more interested in giving the ball away.

Chamberlain – 6.5 Added some much-needed urgency, but wasn’t on the pitch for that long.

13 thoughts on “[Player Ratings] Swansea 3-2 Arsenal

  1. Francis

    Are you kidding about Koscielny?

    He allowed the winning goal by running back slowly and let Danny Graham run right past him to score! A complete amateur could do better than Koscielny on that play. It cost Arsenal the game.

    I agree that Ramsey was terrible all day. Djourou and Song were very bad as well. The entire team gave the ball away too easily. Miguel is only 19 so I understand he needs experience although he was desperately out of position numerous times which allowed at least two of the goals. Why does Arsene Wenger start Miguel when he could have signed an experienced left back? Just to save money and drop more points?

    The following players must be forced to leave: Djourou, Arshavin, Squillaci,Bendtner, Denilson,Almunia,Diaby,Rosicky,Chamakh,Vela. They contribute nothing so why keep them?

    Wenger needs to realize that the team does not have enough talent. The team needs new blood fast.

    1. Paul Clarke

      Couldn’t agree more, but you left out Walcott, he is a player that fails to deliver week in week out. He never developed into the player everyone expected. We are plagued with none achievers.

    2. otniel

      actually it’s a fatal miscommunication with Scz. It has nothing to do with his skill. His skill is good.

  2. Mark

    Spot on most of your ratings. Will look out for your blog again. I am so fed up with other dishonest people who are so up Ramsey’s backside. He has been quite awful since the Chelsea game.

    I hope it doesn’t get to the Denilson point where even fellow professionals call out his performances (as Cesc did to Denilson before Arsene opened his eyes). The boy needs to go out on loan away from the limelight to develop his game and positional discipline. A few years from now he could be a good option for us but at the moment we are playing with 10 men. His statistics incl key passes and defense contribution is quite terrible for such an important position on the pitch. Our entire team is setup to channel the ball through him and as a consequence all our wingers look terrible. Theo, Gervinho, Arshavin are all suffering because his lack of vision and composure.

    1. graeme

      Ramsey IMO should never be starting every game. His running is useful but he cannot spot the quick ball like Cesc could and consequently often/almost always slows the movement down. Nasri had the same problem but made up for it by being lethal in front of goal. What really troubles me is that Ramsay, like Walcott, like Bendner, like Denilson and I could carry on, really believes he is a world beater. I mean, the Welsh FA should first consult with him before appointing a manager ? WTF ?? Ultimately Wenger is the problem. Us more mature bloggers may remember Brian Clough being an absolutely brilliant manager at Forrest for 5-6 years and then he became predictable, then stale then shite. During this time nothing coujld happen foorball wise at the club without his increasingly fat finger in the way. At least he had booze as an excuse. At Arsenal we have our very own Gaddafi, Arsene Gaddafi ! Deluded and consumed with self importance, actually believing the words of wisdom that he stoops to share with us. I think Arsene needs to go on an extended Desert trip to maybe find a left back at some Taureg Oasis somewhere !!

  3. TAR

    I think the role Arteta plays in the team is critical. Benayoun is NOT and will NEVER be his replacement. He is slow, never tracks back and his distribution is poor. Why does Wenger play his players out of position? Ramsey has always been rubbish and needs to play in the reserves. Where is the creativity? Where is the flair? Where is this quality that Wenger always speaks about? Ramsey? Arshavin? Benayoun? Squilaci? Denilson? Bendtner? Chamakh?with this quality i see no fourth spot for us this season and i fear, united will line up another 8 this weekend. WENGER WE HAVE NO DEPT IN THIS TEAM CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?????

  4. Alan's Afro

    This Ramsey thing is getting out of hand. He is a kid who is trying to find his feet after a year out of the game. He is not good enough to run the centre of the park, yet, but yesterday he tried, Benni and Song were anonymous, hence Ramsey tried to do too much and did not deliver.He should not be playing every game and he should have more support around him.

    Now compare him to Arshavin, a seasoned professional who obviously is only interested in eating burgers and didn’t do one positive thing all day. And Theo, still a kid after 5 years who appears once in ten games. He did eff all yesterday, going forward nothing (Djourou handed him that goal), going backwards no effort.

    Can I ask when Theo and Arsh will be judged as harshly as you judged Ramsey. They are a disgraceful waste of 2 jerseys. Ramsey is at least a trier and for me that is worth more than 4 marks.

    1. jay kay

      Alan I disagree wif u bruv as your comments show how u and arsene wenger have become very much complacent with ramseys inconsisent performances this year was supposed to be his breakout year due to the loss of cesc , nasri , and injuries to wilshere and diaby he has been very much inconsisent giving they ball away cheaply in crucial stages of games yes fair enough u compared him walcot who has not really showed his potential this season bt even bt having sed that he has manged to chip in as some key goals for as well as make assest for rvp bt with ramsey wen he dosent play he tends to cost the team yes it was always goin be a big ask for him to fill cesc boots but consistency ws they key role he plays directly behind robin yes your right he is still young but when we bought him will expected him to more or less slot into the squad because of his immense talent and high reputation so personally think its fair he gets critism because reagardless of the swansea or not he has been a very dissapointing this season . Though having said that I also want to blame the clubs directors and transfer buys for the clubs misfortunes . We the panic buys from wenger cost the club yes some were good like ox , arteta , santos bt the majority have dissapointed and its very sad as they player to which we turned out to scout the most Ricky Alvarez is turning out to be the bargain buy of seria a for inter . And no I’m not overexaggeratin as he is manging to keep wesley sneijder out of the 1st team in just his first season we could have got him for realistic price but because of our indecieveness he escaped to inter he is player who is a mixture of cesc and nasri and thrives in the attacking midfielder role that ramsey occupies for us . He would been a gr8 arsenal player any way think its abt time we mounted the pressure on these players because if we don’t the club continue to get more complacent

  5. nickilsby

    It’s a miracle that we’re in 5th place – if that’s where we finish it will reflect how poor everyone else is underneath. No question the team is a pale shadow even of last year’s outfit and its written on the faces of the ‘no shows’ (Walcott, Arshavin, Song, et al). Bringing on the bouncing Czech is the equivalent of raising the white flag. Heart breaking. You have to side with the fan who talked to Henry at the end. Let’s hope we make another, serious effort to sign Samba and see if Pele is still interested in a game.

  6. Northbanksy

    Koscielny also ducked out of the way of the shot which gave Swansea their second goal. He’s normally very committed so this was a surprise!!
    Theo scored a neat goal, but his contribution to the game otherwise was minimal. In the few minutes that Chamberlain played he showed far more desire to make something happen.
    Ramsey may be a promising young player but his performance yesterday was underlined by a previously unseen & worrying aspect. In the face of a barrage of abuse from the Swansea fans (him being a Cardiff lad) he completely bottled it. Not a good omen for one we hope will develop into a top player.

  7. AJ

    Really strange that people try to protect Ramsey, even after consistent bad performances, and the same guys slate Song every game.
    Song is a right sided player who gets along well with Arteta as the holding man on the left. We are playing a 4-2-3-1 actually. But the attacking central midfielder is missing, Ramsey is clearly not that player. All he does when he gets the ball is to turn a circle and pass it in the wrong direction. You can see it many times, some guy on the left makes a run as the ball comes to Ramsey who turns around and passes it to someone on the right, putting us in no advantageous position. No imagination to be honest, he must be a squad player, not in any way a starter.


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