[Video] Van Persie’s favorite goal and why he will stay at Arsenal

In an article that he has written for The Sun (I have no idea why our captain has written an article for The Sun, but I guess it’s not really worth dwelling on…), Robin van Persie has written about his favorite goal of all time and about the importance of this afternoon’s game against Manchester City.

What is particularly interesting about this article is not only the fact that the chosen goal happens his first goal for the club (rather than some of the more spectacular goals that he has scored), but also that you really get a feeling that he truly loves the club.

That Robin’s favorite goal happens to be against Manchester City is a coincidence, but that could also explain the timing of the article. I have embedded a video (below) in which you will also spot a very young Cesc Fabregas and a Mathieu Flamini who still had a few years remaining on his contract.

“I will never forget how I scored my favourite goal of all time against Manchester City.

“It was October 27, 2004 and it was a pretty easy one, only a tap-in during a Carling Cup tie at City.

“But, for me, it is more important than the very best goals I have ever scored before or since, because it was my first goal in English football, the one that launched my career here. That goal against City was where it all started for me, the strike that kick-started my career here.

“City was only my sixth appearance and I remember the moment so well. Mathieu Flamini squared me the pass and I just finished it all off.

“Eight years on, I’ve scored over 100 goals and I’m proud of every one of them. But that goal still means the world to me. It was a huge, huge moment for me, for my career.

Robin then went on to talk about the importance of Champions League qualification and gave what I think is another indication that he will sign a new contract with Arsenal. Van Persie is giving his all to the club and I think that it would be very hard for a player to be this committed to the club if he knows that there are only 6 or 7 games left before he is planning on leaving. He has everything he could possibly want in North London; the team is looking fantastic, automatic Champions League qualification is well within our reach, and Wenger has suggested that there will be a few big names (including a new striker) joining in the summer so that we can push for trophies next season. I am also more than sure that any new contract offered to him at the end of the season will include a significant pay rise.

“Facing City this afternoon is without doubt our biggest game of the season. Because the difference between success and failure is so vitally important to both teams.

“OK, it might not be about the title race for me or Arsenal but we need to concentrate on securing that third place which won’t bring us a trophy but will land us a big prize – automatic qualification for the Champions League next season to maintain Arsenal’s proud history in the competition.

“The added bonus is we would finish above Spurs and Chelsea. The title might go to Manchester but at least we will be the pride of London.

“It’s do or die now for both of us which is why this game should be so spectacular.

“We will do everything in our power to win and take a huge step towards direct Champions League qualification.

Will Robin van Persie still be at Arsenal next season? Leave your comments below. Also please follow us on Facebook and read our Manchester City match preview. 

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